How to Join the World Oyster Society (WOS)


Membership Application

The Mission of WOS is to be an instrument of goodwill, friendship and cooperation for all who have some linkage to oyster research, production and use anywhere in the World. Membership to WOS is open to everyone interested in this mission and activities.
If you want to join WOS, please use On-line Application Form.
After you submit us your application form, we will examine it and send an e-mail to you as to whether you are approved to join WOS or not.

Benefits of Membership in the World Oyster Society
  • No particular qualification or requirement exists for becoming a member of this society.
    We decide whether to accept your application for membership after sending a query to you
    if necessary. All of the WOS members are freed from annual dues for the purpose of maintaining
    a secretariat (the Foundation of Oyster Research Institute).

  • Members are eligible to give oral or poster presentations at the International Oyster Symposium (IOS), which is held every two years by WOS.

  • The member can receive a discount of the IOS registration fee.

  • The member can be sent news by e-mail or an e-mail information service individually by the

  • Any inquiry from the member to the secretariat will be answered with rapidity and respect.