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Oyster Farms in the World

Australia Hiroshima, Japan Scotland
Tasmania, Australia Ireland West Coast of Taiwan
North Region, Brazil Malaysia Tunisia
South Region, Brazil Miyagi, Japan UK
West Coast of Canada Montenegro  USA
China Penghu, Taiwan Vietnam



Another screen opens when the photograph is clicked and a big photograph is displayed.

 Photos:Mr. Shinichro Ueno (No.2-5). Dr. John Nell and Mr Greg Kent (photoNo.1, No.6-12).

Tasmania, Australia
 Photos:Oysters Tasmania

Brazil (State of Para - North Region)
Photos: Dioniso de Souza Sampaio (Adjunct Professor and Researcher - University Federal of Para ). About photos


Brazil ( State of Santa Catarina - South Region)
Photos: Dr. Felipe Matarazzo Suplicy, CEDAP, Epagri. 

These images are from Florianopolis, main oyster producing region in Brazil, in the State of Santa Catarina. The images show some farming structures (rack and longlines) and nursery systems (floating bags or trays). The species is C. gigas. Oyster seeds are produced at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) hatchery. The images also show a raft where one farmer do all the oyster farm management.

West Coast of Canada
Photos:Dr. René E. LAVOIE, Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Photos:Prof. Qi LI, Ocean University of China


Hiroshima, Japan
 Photos:Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute

Photos:Tristan Hugh-Jones, Atlantic Shellfish Ltd.

Photos:Dr. Tan Shau Hwai, Aileen, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Miyagi, Japan
Photos:Miyagi Prefecture Fisheries Research and Development, Ishinomaki-Bay Fisheries Cooperation

Photos: Mr. Nevres Djeric, "Skoljke Boke" (www.skoljkeboke.com/)

Photos: Loch Ryan Oyster Fishery Co. Ltd.
Penghu, Taiwan



 Photos: Mr.James Green, Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company


West Coast of Taiwan
Photos:Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture and Changhua Fiehery Association,Taiwan







Photo1-6:Dr. Chalghaf Mohamed, Institut Superieur de Peche et d'Aquaculture de Bizerte
Photo7-12:Prof. Nejla Aloui-Bejaoui, National Institute of Agronomy.

The oyster Aquaculture started in Tunisia in the 1967, where there was import of spat from Japan in the first time then from France. Crassostrea gigas can not reproduce naturally in the Tunisian waters, so that and in order to develop this activity, there was a project of collaboration (2009-2011) between my Institute and the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute of Korea (NFRDI) and KOICA to make artificial seedling production of Crassostrea gigas. A pilot hatchery was created and we succeeded producing oyster spat. Actually, we produce spats for the benefit of 10 private farms (ongrowing) located in Bizerte Lagoon. (Dr. Chalghaf Mohamed)

Photos: Big Rock Oysters, Standish Shore Oyster Farm and East Dennis Oyster Farm.

Photos:Mr. Howard Feilding, Pure Bay Oyster Company Ltd. and Dr. Le Minh Vien, Vien Thanh Aquaculture Company Ltd.