The outskirts of
Hobart Harbour
Hobart Harbour Tasmania Pacific oysters Oyster farm
(Little Swanport)

Thanks from the World Oyster Society to all delegates and presenters who attended
the 4th International Oyster Symposium (IOS4).

Hobart Function and Conference CentreDr. Tom Lewis (Organising Committee)
Prof. Katsuyoshi Mori (WOS President)Hon Bryan Green (Minister for Primary Industries,
Parks and Water)
Oral Presentation  
Poster Viewing  
Tas Prime Oysters farm tour 
Symposium Dinner  
Poster Awards Ceremony  
* Photos : Watanabe Oyster Laboratory CO., LTD. and Mary Brewer (Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council).


IOS4 Best Young Researcher Poster Award Winners


Mr. John Wright
(University of Western Sydney, Australia)
Predicting the physiological response of oysters to climate change
>> Poster
Climate change, particularly ocean acidification with synergistic temperature stressors, will have significant impacts on the physiology of the ecollogically and economically significant oyster species, the Sydney rock and Pacific oysters. The results of this study provide an estimate of the resilience of oyster species to climate change of endemic (S. glomerata) compared to introduced (C. gigas) species. A key question raised in most recent research, as climate change has been predicted to cause a high loss of many marine endemic organisms. This investigation may assist in decision making processes within the aquaculture industry for profitable cultivation and environmental management decisions.

I am honoured to have received the award of 'Best Young Researcher' for my poster at the Fourth International Oyster Symposium in Tasmania earlier this month. At the same time I am excited to be the recipient of this award. My supervisors Wayne O'Connor, Pauline Ross and Laura Parker must be thanked for their dedication and support of the study. This study was possible with thanks to NSW Industry and Investment, the University of Western Sydney, and the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility. I am very grateful to the World Oyster Society and enthusiastic about the future of the oyster industry.


Dr. Megan Andrew
(The University of Newcastle, Australia)

The Sydney rock oyster Saccostrea glomerata as a biomonitor of estrogenic compounds >> Poster

I would like to thank the World Oyster Society and conference sponsors for the poster award from the 4th International Oyster Symposium. It is an honour to recieve such recognition for my work and provides me with encouragement for future research.

Mr. Yusuke Iidzuka
(Coastal Lagoon Research Center, Shimane University, Japan)
Genetic diversity of Pacific oyster in Japan >> Poster
With all the excellent the 4th International Oyster Symposium presentations, I am thrilled to have been awarded the bronze prize for best young researcher. It is a great honour that the presentation by my collaborators and me received this recognition. Thank you very much.

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"Embracing the Future through Innovation" is the theme of the IOS4 organized jointly by the World Oyster Society, Oysters Tasmania and NSW Industry and Investment, to be held at The Hobart Function and Conference Centre, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on 15-18 September 2011.

Tentative Schedule

15 - 16 September 2011Symposium Sessions
17 September 2011* Tasmanian Oyster Industry Conference- shellfish futures 2011 -
18 September 2011Post-symposium Tours




*Please note: IOS4 is being run in conjunction with shellfish futures 2011, the annual Tasmanian
oyster industry conference.

Important Deadlines

Abstract submissions close 6 June 2011
Second (Final) AnnouncementJune 2011
Early-bird registrations close Deadline extended !8 August 2011
Registrations close8 September 2011
Symposium commences 15 September 2011





The 4th International Oyster Symposium