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Dr. Katsuyoshi Mori, President of the WOS made a speech titled “My Blue Economy” at the Global Marine Science Summit held at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (USA) on October 11, 2019.

Introducing the abstract of the speech

My Blue Economy : Let the Sea Live and Let Us Live with the Sea

The term “Blue Economy” relates to both of the preservation and exploitation of the sea, but at present its concept differs among the people and organization concerned. It should be defined as Let the sea live and let us live with the sea, emphasizing that ocean environments should be preserved, not destroyed, and use the resource (sea) appropriately. One who searches for the meaning of life in “living with the sea” will find life with sea. This concept should be interpreted as “We are sustained by the sea”, and “We are allowed to use the sea.”

Sustainable aquaculture (e.g., shellfish aquaculture) is a great example of using the sea to meet societal needs without damaging the resource. Oysters provide various ecological services as well as economic benefits without negatively impacting the environment. Engaging in aquaculture, seed production of the Japanese oyster (Crassostrea gigas) and resource management of shellfish is an example of this concept. Approximately 55% of world oyster production is genetically constituted by C. gigas from Miyagi Prefecture. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) ranks oyster culture as an important means for increasing food production to address the rapid increase in the global population. In addition, as a worldwide tendency, the oyster’s high physiological function of sea water filtration is now being watched with keen interest with special reference with the preservation of the sea.

From the above facts, it is not too much to say that, “The oyster is the savior of both us and the sea.” This is the vision of the World Oyster Society, which brings together the oyster people of the world for the benefit of mankind. The mission of WOS is to be an instrument of goodwill, friendship and cooperation for all who have some linkage to oyster research, production and use anywhere in the world, and to contribute to the “Blue Economy.”

*About the UNCW 2019 Global Marine Science Summit
This meeting focuses on developing solutions for global marine science issues and improving the economic climate of coastal regions.  Convening international scientists, policymakers and industry leaders, the summit will focus on areas of global concern – approaches to coastal resilience and blue economy sustainability. 

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