The World Oyster Society

The Asian and Oceanian Chapter

Policy and Planning for Chapter Management

The Asian and Oceanian Chapter will support the vision, mission and objectives of the World Oyster Society. Chapter members’ priorities and views will be canvassed with a view to setting priorities for consideration in future WOS strategic planning.

The Asian and Oceanian Chapter is committed to exploring ways to increase membership, to promoting current research and development improving all facets of oyster growing, both environmentally and economically, to championing environmental stewardship and to promoting education, training and development opportunities for members.

The Asian and Oceanian Chapter hopes to host IOS 10 in Port Lincoln, South Australia in 2023 (potentially postponed to 2024 due to COVID) with in principle support from the South Australian Oyster Growers Association (SAOGA) and South Australian Oyster Research Council (SAORC). SAOGA and SAORC’s strategic plan can be found at

Selective breeding has become a worldwide focus for research and development including for this chapter’s members. We hope to fulfil this thirst for new evidential knowledge with the support of state and national industry bodies, research institutes and researchers, government agencies and private companies through the IOS. We also hope we can encourage a process of regional leadership to support an improved communication model.


Ms. Jill Coates
South Australian Oyster Grower


Phone +61(0)427277417

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