The World Oyster Society

The Japanese Chapter

Policy and Planning for Chapter Management

The Japanese chapter of the World Oyster Society (WOS) supports the vision, mission, and objectives of WOS, and intends to devote its resources to the following courses of action.

  1. The Japanese chapter encourages the pursuit of basic studies and technical innovation which add extra-value to the intrinsic value of oysters. This added value is produced by demonstrating how the consumption of oysters helps maintain the health of humans, animals, and plants.
    Oysters are not only a source of food for human beings, but also a form of industrial product which holds great potential in promoting human health. Studies which verify the merits of oysters will help elevate the status of the oyster industry and further accelerate its development. 
    To further enhance the added value of oysters, researchers need to comprehensively integrate the expertise and technologies applied within the fields of fishery science, pharmacology, medicine, nutrition, and food processing. 
  2. The Japanese chapter encourages the study of a sustainable oyster culture which coexists harmoniously with the biodiversity of coastal areas. It also promotes research on ways to help damaged coastal areas recover their biodiversity.
  3. The Japanese chapter encourages measures to improve the current network for distributing oyster products, along with the development of technology and methods required to raise and process oysters. The combination of these efforts helps improve the overall safety of food.
  4. The Japanese chapter will diligently pursue the aims of the WOS mission to elevate its status to the level of an established cultural ethos.
    The enhancement of oyster research relating to technical innovation, sustainability and advanced processing is a common benefit for the sake of humanity. We are planning to hold free lectures open to the general public. The purpose of these lectures is to spread knowledge about the tremendous benefits oysters provide human beings. We are also planning to construct a system which brings together domestic oyster researchers, oyster wholesalers, educators, and local governments officials. This system will make it possible to share research results among all the people involved with the oyster industry.


Dr. Mitsugu Watanabe
CEO, Watanabe Oyster Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Address: 490-3, Shimo-Ongata Cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo, 192-0154, JAPAN
Tel: +81-42-651-8118

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