The World Oyster Society

The Vision, Mission and Objectives


The World Oyster Society brings together the oyster people of the World for the benefit of Mankind.


The Mission of the World Oyster Society is to be an instrument of goodwill, friendship and cooperation for all who have some linkage to oyster research, production and use anywhere in the World.


-To host the International Oyster Symposium, etc.
-To improve public knowledge of the oyster and of its benefits to Mankind.
-To develop children’s understanding and love for oysters.
-To cooperate with existing organizations for sharing and distributing oyster science.
-To encourage and support the sustainable culture of oysters. 
-To encourage and support the use of oysters as human food.
-To work with the oysters to improve water quality in coastal environments.
-To explore and understand the role of natural oyster beds and of oyster culture in maintaining and restoring biodiversity in coastal marine ecosystems.

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