The World Oyster Society


Tohoku University, Japan
Vice President

He carried out research on the bio-defense mechanisms and innate immunity process of shellfish, especially oysters (Pacific oyster etc.). His research presented an important role of reactive oxygen intermediates associated with phagocytosis of oyster hemocytes.
 His current research interest is physiology of shellfish, especially oysters, and aquaculture of oysters.

Greeting for accepting the post of Vice President (Sptember,2017)

I have assumed the post of Vice-President of the World Oyster Society (WOS). At the Steering Committee meeting held on the first day of IOS7, September 11, 2017, President Katsuyoshi Mori, the founder of WOS, proposed my nomination for Vice-President. I am gratified that the members subsequently approved it officially. Because I have working as a member of the Steering Committee to the present, I would like to contribute to WOS in my new position to the best of my ability, hawever poor it might be, I would greatly appreciate your continued support.

WOS, which was established 12 years ago, today has about 1,000 members. It is adventitious that our society has developed as well as it has. However, as an organization becomes larger, its management is likely to become increasingly difficult. WOS has accepted anyone engaged in oyster businesses or who loves oysters. As a result of that wide scope of membership, the society now includes many members from various positions in various countries. Moreover, the diversity is exactly what the society has been aiming to realize from its inception. Nevertheless, one must remain mindful that it is also an academic society. Participants in the International Oyster Symposium (IOS) held every two years tend to consist disproportionately of researchers. For the future development of WOS, the manner of engaging oyster farmers, distributors, manufacturers, and consumers in our activities will be important. For that purpose especially, I would like to do what I can for our organization. Thank you.

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