The World Oyster Society

Prof. Ching-Fong Chang

National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
Director of the Asian and Oceanian Chapter

1. Current Position

1) President (August 1, 2012-), National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), Keelung, Taiwan
2) Distinguished Professor, NTOU, Taiwan

2. Education

1) Ph. D., Department of Animal Science, Washington State University, USA.
2) M. S., Department of Animal Science, Washington State University, USA.
3) B. S., Department of Marine Food Science, NTOU.

3. Positions and Activities

1) Deputy Minister, National Science Council
2) Director General, Department of Life Sciences, National Science Council
3) Vice President, NTOU
4) Dean of Academic Affairs, NTOU
5) Associate Professor, Professor and Distinguished Professor, Department of Aquaculture, NTOU
6) Department Chairman, Department of Aquaculture, NTOU

4. Research Activities

Reproduction, endocrinology, and environmental physiology in aquatic animals (fish, shrimp, corals)

5. Honors and Awards

1) “Distinguished research award” National Science Council, Taiwan (1991-1996).
2) “Academic Award”, the Ministry of Education, Taiwan (2004)
3) “National Chair Professorship Award”, the Ministry of Education (2006).
4) “Taiwan-France Science and Technology Award”, the National Science Council (2012)

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