The World Oyster Society

The 6th International Oyster Symposium

October 21-23, 2015, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

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Outline of IOS6

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Contribution from Ms. Kahren Dowcett, Chair of the IOS6 to Oyster Research Institute News

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6th International Oyster Symposium (IOS6): Joining the Hands of Science, Industry and Culture”


Click the following PDF files of each session to view abstracts. Please note that all abstracts are not available.

Best Young Scientist Award Winners

First Prize Winner

Ms.Kazuyo Fukushima (Watanabe Oysyer Laboratory Co., Ltd. Japan)

A novel antioxidant E6 extracted from soft body of Crassostrea gigas: its lipid antioxidant effects in the brain

Second Prize Winner

Dr. Austin Humphries (Assistant Professor, The University of Rhode Island, USA)

The role of oyster restoration and aquaculture in nutrient cycling within a Rhode Island estuary

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