The World Oyster Society

The 7th International Oyster Symposium

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General Information of the IOS7

September 11-14, 2017
Bangor University, Wales, UK
Sustainable expansion of global oyster production
Organizing Committee
Dr. Jonathan King – Conference co-ordinator (Bangor University, UK)
Mr. Daniel Lee (Bangor University, UK)
Dr. Ir. Nancy Nevejan (Ghent University, Belgium)
Mr. Florent Tarbouriech (Tarbouriech, France)
Ms. Viviana Rocca (Tarbouriech, France)
Ms. Burnell Shively (Chef Burnell, France)

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WOS Early Stage Investigator Award

First Prize Winner

Dr. Zoe Hilton

Scientist, Cawthron Institute, New Zealand

  1. Progress in selective breeding for resilience to ostreid herpes virus in Crassostrea gigas in New Zealand. 
  2. Overview of the recent occurrence of Bonamia ostreae in the native flat oyster Ostrea chilensis in New Zealand; current status, control efforts, and challenges for the future. 
Second Prize Winner

Dr. Ma. Junemie Hazel Lebata-Ramos

Researcher, the Aquaculture department of SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center), Philippines

Why me? Because I’m single, young and more meaty

Third Prize Winner

Mr. David L.J. Vendrami

University of Bielefeld and Marie Curie Initial Training Network fellow, Germany

Investigation of the genetic structure of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) in Europe using a high density SNP array. 

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